Medical Reports

English-speaking tourists and expats who’ve had an accident or illness in Spain may need their medical report translated into English to give to their doctor back at home.

How much needs to be translated?

I translate full reports or just summarise the important parts. If time or money is a concern, some sections, such as long lists of normal lab test results, can be left out.

Handwritten text

Doctors’ handwriting can be equally 'creative' in Spanish and English. In the case of handwritten notes or charts, I always let the client know immediately if they are legible enough to work on.


I’ve translated well over a hundred reports in the last 20 years, and I’ve also published a short guide to translating medical reports in my blog.

Payment terms

Payment is by bank transfer, on receipt of my pro forma invoice. Time is often tight, so I start the job while the transfer is going through to make sure the translated report is ready as soon as possible.


A 3-page report of a scanned document (in an image or pdf format) costs an average of €180 plus VAT. The exact price may be as much as half or double that figure, depending on the content and complexity.


Like the reviews on the back of a novel, testimonials on translators’ websites are always glowing. But in this case it’s true: my clients are satisfied or actually delighted with my work 99.9% of the time. Read some of their comments in my testimonials’ section.

Medical reports

are unique

and personal


[Spanish original]


[English translation]

Discharge Report

Personal medical history

No known drug allergies. No HT or DM. No known heart or lung disease. Reports no drinking/smoking/drug habits. No routine medication.


Acceptable general condition. Conscious, oriented and cooperative. Well hydrated and well perfused. Normal breathing. BP 105/71 mmHg, HR 81, Temp 36.4 °C, O2 sat 97%.

*Cardiorespiratory ausc: HS rhythmic, no murmurs, no rubs. Normal breath sounds, no adventitious sounds.